I am a non-traditional artist influenced by traditional art. Thematically, my work revolves around the spiritual world and the concept of gaining heaven. I am particularly interested in representing paradise using the elements of geometric art, illumination, and Persian miniature. I want to connect with my viewer through a feeling of spirituality and give them a meditative experience.

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My Story

As a Pakistani woman living in the USA, I lean on eastern influences and incorporate them into the type of western art prevalent here. My art incorporates several contemporary elements, making it stylized-traditional: design patterns, repetitions, rhythm, balance, contrast, emphasis, and movement. It challenges the viewer to think critically about issues of contemporary life and society. A typical contemporary issue in Pakistan revolves around a scarcity of electricity and water – two of the primary needs of our lives often represented in my art.

My initial tools are the compass and the ruler. I first start with a tessellated geometric pattern before adding the various artistic elements that give my art its unique identity. The design unravels as I put pencil to paper and follow my instincts. As I introduce composition to the art, certain forms get highlighted while others are suppressed, giving rise to a pattern. I love that moment of instantaneous creativity and the message of beauty that I like to share with the world.

My particular style of adding traditional elements to a contemporary framework fuses the east and the west as a reflection of my identity. It forms a breathtaking display of contemporary experiences overflowing with spiritual insights. Where words fall short, images step in to fill the void of expression. The various art elements all work together in a beautiful vocabulary as a new language emerges for the viewer to immerse themselves in and be mesmerized by the art that speaks to them.


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