• Rosemary Cheney Award at the RCAS 2019 for "Gotta have Faith"

  • 2nd Place winner at the RCAS 2018 for "My Homeland"

  • 1st Place winner for 125 Plano Art Show 2017 for " Down to earth"

  • 2nd Place winner at the RCAS (Richardson Civic Art Society) 2017 for "Beyond this World"

  • 2nd Place winner at IAA (Irving Art Association) 2017 for "The Throne"

  • 3rd Place Winner at 125 Plano Art Show 2015 for "Powerful"



Featured In Galleries

  • TVAA (Texas Visual Art Association) Juried show Black and Light for "Lost in Loss"

  • Fresh Ideas at MC Grand Theater Lewisville for "My Homeland"

  • Paper Works at Fort Works Gallery in Fort Worth for "The Entire Presence" and "My Homeland"

  • Fort Worth Community Art Center for "Beyond this world"

  • Islamic Art Revival Series for "Lost in Loss"

  • The Visual Arts Guild of Frisco