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Holding Tight

The shape is indicating a hand holding a cloth. This cloth is symbolizing the ajrak I grew up with in Pakistan. It is presenting the strength of holding on to one's roots. The trompe l'oeil of carved wood is hiding clues of the mystisism in geometric art. The birds are flying towrads the top showing freedom and spirituality. The pattern on the birds are the design of 'Ajrak" design showing my heritage from Sindh, Pakistan. The seven circular geometric pattern are symbolizing the seven Heavens. These seven geometric shpaes are all four fold pattern which is a symbol of Heaven. The ribbon is showing movement leading the eye of the viewer moving around the piece. The shape of the hand has several tesellated flying birds, showing the attainment of spirituality.

Holding Tight

  • around 20" long side

  • Gouache paint and ink on Birch wood

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