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Paradise Garden

This art work consists of 5 pieces. The first piece starts from the right with a peacock and a deer looking towards the left, towards their goal. What can the goal be? The symbolism of the Arabic script is shown here by making the viewer look from the right to the left. There is a combination of transfer gold and shell gold in the mountain, giving an ultimate shine to this piece.


The second part of the painting has a 24K gold mountain with a cypress tree and a pomegranate tree, symbolizing the fruit of heaven.  The cypress tree is tilted to the left and the clouds are also directing the viewer to look towards the left.


The third is the center part of my painting. I love the hanging flowers as it shows a lot of movement. Especially the deer running happily to the left towards the ultimate goal.


In the fourth part of the painting, the tree and the bird are directed towards the left. The handmade paper is seen as a window where foliage is visible.


In the last and ultimate part of the painting, you see the water of Paradise, which is sweet as honey. The living creatures are running towards the water. Here the clouds are seen still without any direction, because they are where they are supposed to be. The fig tree is also seen standing still in the paradise garden.


Oh what a sight it will be!!

Paradise Garden

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